Life on a new level

In the modern world, well-being is no longer measured by money alone. Now a wealthy person is someone who can pay enough attention to really important things - family, travel, personal development. And you can save time for this on household chores, which, no doubt, are no less important in the life of each owner of his own house.

It's time to let the technology take care of your home!
Imagine a system that takes full control of all the components of the home infrastructure, and in addition - ensures the safety of the house in your absence. Leakage of gas or water, short circuit, penetration of intruders - all this system "Smart House" is able to prevent and notify you about it, as well as the relevant services.

Sounds like a fantasy? Nevertheless, this is reality.

Features of the Smart Home system:

  • Fire safety - a network of sensors determines the source of fire and prevents a fire, informing you about this and the fire department (via mobile communication or via the Internet), with details of the incident;
  • Air purity control - if you do not muffle the engine of the car, the Smart House system will determine the boundary permissible rate of exhaust gas, open the windows or gates for airing and notify you by SMS. In addition, the system allows you to set the microclimate settings throughout the house;
  • Flood prevention - a system of sensitive sensors will work as soon as there is a water leakage and the water supply will turn off automatically, which you will also immediately recognize in the alert;
  • "Uninvited guests" will not harm your home. The system will trigger a sharp turn on the light or alarm (of your choice), and also make a call to the security service;
  • "Smart home" is synchronized with the work of all local video surveillance systems and you can be aware of everything that happens in the vicinity.

Today the Smart Home system is the choice of active and progressive people!
Being away from home, you always have access to full information about it and with the help of the Internet you can change any indicators - from air temperature to restriction of access to the house of other people;

You can be completely sure of the safety of your home. Any alarm will be alerted by an alarm:

  • light
  • sound
  • speaker
  • opening / closing of locks / doors / gates.

Smart house involves communication with the security service with the possibility of setting an alarm button. The security system can be monitored using the control panel with regard to the access level (code or access card).

In sudden natural weather conditions, the system will automatically close the windows and gates, lower the blinds; controls the status of the mains (overvoltage or short-circuit), and also blocks unused wiring.

Maximum comfort deserve all the inhabitants of your house, especially the smallest. For this purpose, the Smart Home system offers the possibility of setting various parameters in a children's room:

  • temperature and humidity,
  • blocking of sockets,
  • gradual decrease in brightness of illumination

For people with disabilities, voice and remote control of the house system is provided - one team can perform several actions, in controlling the whole system - using a computer from one place (for immobilized persons).
Nobody is immune from unforeseen situations and emergency situations, but whatever happens in your home, the Smart Home system will reduce all your losses to a minimum.
This should be comfort in the modern sense: the order, comfort and safety of your home are guaranteed even if at the moment you are absent.

This is a qualitatively new level of life. And you deserve it!