The SmaNEST Smart Home System is a set of developed solutions that will provide you with intelligent control of home appliances, lighting, heating, all electronic appliances and mechanical devices of your home.

The software complex together with the equipment will be able to adapt to any of your tasks, regardless of whether you are at home or at work, when you are away or even in another country.

At the moment, there are a lot of situations where the SmaNEST HAS (Home Automation System) system can help you save time.

Unlike other advanced home automation systems, our SmaNEST system makes its own decisions, such as watering the lawn due to drought, turning on the heating from harsh frosts, or shutting off water or gas in case of a leak. The system can notify the owner about all of its decisions or offer to act on its own. Also, our system can be controlled using a phone or tablet as well as using a voice. You can ask the system to find a suitable movie and run it on TV in the living room, or you can ask where the children are at the moment or find out your schedule for tomorrow by asking about plans for tomorrow, as well as adding new meetings / events there. The system is able to interact with various electronic systems that initially could not be remotely controlled, as well as it can actively use the video surveillance system and other security systems and complement them.

SmaNEST is perfect for anyone who does not want to leave their close older people unattended. The system can monitor their health, and warn you or the relevant services about the danger, as well, SmaNEST will turn on the light when the beloved grandmother returns home from a walk, and turns off all sockets and lighting when she is not at home.

With our experience, we are ready to offer you options for system configurations that are most suitable for you and your family members:


  2. SmaNEST HAS S

  3. SmaNEST HAS M

  4. SmaNEST HAS L






A few examples of situations where you can trust SmaNEST Smart Home:

  • Upon arrival home, you need to turn on the heating and spend some time in a cool room before the temperature reaches an acceptable temperature.

  • You are planning an evening wash, but your favorite series does not always allow you to do it in time.

  • Children are not normalized sitting at the computer or watching television distracting from their studies

  • You forget to turn off the lights in the hallway, and to go down from the second floor so reluctantly

  • You are tired of turning on / off the light on the way to the kitchen or room

  • In the morning, you wake up and go to the kitchen to make coffee or make tea.

All these and many other everyday tasks you can do with SmaNEST HAS

Here is how we offer you to change your daily cares:

  • Before you go home, send a message with a temperature that is acceptable to you, and your assistant will take care that you return to a comfortable and cozy room (or tell the voice assistant about this)

  • A smart home can make decisions on its own and when no one is at home - turn on the economical mode of heating and energy consumption

  • If you went on vacation, your smart home will turn on everything you need, leaving only the refrigerator and security systems. If there is a sharp frost - the smart home will automatically turn on the heating for a minimum warm up to avoid accidents.

  • Smart home will block the water if it detects leakage. Yes, yes, sensors provide the ability to “feel” temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, and the presence of someone in rooms.

  • Plan to turn on the washing machine for a certain time, so as not to break away from viewing, the Smart Home will start the wash itself and notify you of it.

  • Set a period when your children study or do homework planned for and access will be restricted during this time.

  • Automation of lighting in a room controls different zones, depending on the presence of a person in it. When the system sees that there is no one in the zone for 5 minutes, the light automatically turns off and you do not need to remember this.

  • Prepare a coffee maker / kettle in the evening, set the time and the house itself will save you time in the morning by preparing your favorite morning drink for you while you wake up

All of these features, and many others, are available to everyone. Just call or order a call back and our managers will help you in any of your questions..

We will be happy to bring positive and comfort to your daily worries.