Under the control of the Smart House.

Lighting and power management is one of the most demanded functions of the Smart House system. Firstly, because with the installation of the system in your home comes a radically new understanding of comfort: countless times turn on and switch the light in all rooms - this is yesterday. Secondly, the continuity and reliability of the electric grid provided by the Smart House is a guarantee of significant savings: the system monitors and optimally distributes the load of the entire network. This allows you to extend the life of electrical appliances, and the electricity is spent less.

For different everyday situations, you choose different scenarios (Evening, Morning, Dinner, Movies, etc.), under which the system adjusts the appropriate lighting and combines them with the operation of air conditioners, ventilation, shutters and blinds. A smart house can control lighting locally (in every single room), or globally (then the sensors are integrated into all the lights in the house). Light control can be synchronized, for example, with automated curtains or blinds: if it gets dark in the street, the Smart House will close the windows by itself and turn on the light.

How A Smart Home Saves Energy

Speaking about the possibilities of light and electricity management in the Smart house, it is necessary to single out the first and unconditional advantage - saving energy, and consequently, your means, thanks to careful selection of lighting for different purposes. Traditional electric communications entirely depend on your attention: did not turn off the electrical appliance on time - spent extra money. The smart house takes on automatic switching of devices in an economical mode of power consumption (day / night, winter / summer), as a result of which separate energy-saving systems are not required. Moving around the house, you can significantly reduce the amount of light consumed: in the "walk-through" zones, motion sensors are used (the light will turn on / off in case of a person's appearance / absence in the "pass-through" zone.) Light scenarios can also be set for backlighting outside the home.

The light control system can also provide power continuity thanks to redundant power supplies, and also to regulate the voltage in different parts of the mains. To control the state of lighting, you do not even need to be in the room: wherever you are, by sending an ordinary sms message to a special number, you can turn on / off the light in the house, or put it into an energy-saving mode.

Another advantage of an intelligent light control system is its compactness and functional efficiency. On the control panel, each button has one to three functions that can be programmed according to your desire - from adjusting the rise and decay of light and adapting lighting to the time of day and weather - to the effect of the presence of the owner in the house.

At the consultation stage you will be introduced to a wide range of high-quality products for automating your home. Our specialists deliver and install the necessary equipment, as well as conduct free instruction on its use. So, in the Smart house there must be intelligent light, and energy must be used wisely. We are happy to help you in this!