Smart home as an automation system

How often in our daily life do situations happen when there is not enough of a good assistant at home, is not it? After all, maintaining order, comfort and comfort in the home is not a simple task. It is hardly advisable to hire a staff of domestic workers. Charge your house to high technologies!
The Smart House system is a new word in developments designed specifically for your comfort. A smart home is an intelligent system for managing your home, apartment or office. It does not just automatically manage all home appliances and systems, but does it in accordance with your wishes, habits, opportunities and preferences.

Smart home features

When you are not at home, the system can simulate your presence: controlling lighting, curtains, blinds, a barrier, audio and video equipment - all this can be set up as if you are at home at the moment. In addition, if the accident happened, the Smart House is able to eliminate the leakage of gas and water; include fire and security alarms; transfer all household devices into an economical mode; control outside access to the premises; create a comfortable temperature and climate in the premises. A smart house in the literal sense will warm up your dinner, open doors to you and meet you on the doorstep!

In addition, the Smart House takes on a lot of functions when you are at home. Is not it nice, waking up in the morning, to hear the sounds of your favorite music and watch the sun through the opening curtains. Then, having taken a shower, do not worry about the ventilation in the bathroom, because the invisible clever assistant has already taken care of her. You can always be sure that the yard is in order: Clever house will flood the lawn and make sure that in case of bad weather the pool is covered. And he will do many other things for you, freeing your time.

Consider the Smart House system closer. A smart house (apartment, dacha, office, production) is a kind of intelligent wiring that operates on the basis of a control program. The program, in turn, controls the house and monitors the operation of various home appliances and engineering systems. The Smart House system can recognize specific situations both inside and outside the house and report it. Having installed the system once, you will get rid of the need to install
dozens of light switches for lighting control; various control units for engineering systems and alarms. There is enough one control panel or remote control panel, computer, mobile phone, PDA, and remote control.
Functionality of the Smart home is very diverse. Having determined your preferences, you can adjust your system literally in your own way.

Making a choice in favor of a smart home, you get:

  • Security - setting the house for security and fire alarms using a code on the keyboard or a magnetic card; access control at several levels (for children, friends, work staff); informing about the status of the system (via the Internet, mobile phone, radio remote control), imitation of presence in the house. Management and monitoring of uninterruptible power supplies, generators and many other types of energy sources. In the event of a malfunction and a malfunction in their operation, the system will automatically terminate the power supply, thus eliminating the possibility of short-circuits and fires.
  • Economy - management of individual heating circuits; determination of the working time of electrical appliances; management of heating in different weather conditions; switching off unused household appliances. All this allows you to achieve energy savings and heating up to 30%.
  • Comfort - home control remotely, through touch panels, TV screen; one remote control for all electrical appliances (one press = several actions); various lighting and heating scenarios.

Among other things, the Smart House takes care of your family's leisure. A nice bonus from Smart Home is modern Multiroom systems that allow you to distribute video and audio signals to all rooms in your apartment or cottage and remotely control all multimedia systems at home.

So, if you need home comfort, like air, then you need a Smart House. Make a choice in favor of reasonable savings, maximum safety and advanced technologies that can change your life!