We can implement any system of the Smart Home, in your view, by combining packages with each other to choose the best option for you. Custom Package - unlimited possibilities that allow you to look into the future of automation

The kit includes:

All that the plan offers XXL, plus,

  • smart turf irrigation management
  • voice control of a smart house
  • media library (audio and video)
  • light scenes
  • control of surveillance cameras
  • the definition of the owners of the house and the personalization of each of them
  • smart tracking of loved ones (children and / or people of age), their location and reports of their exit from the usual visiting areas
  • Smart home reports on community expenses
  • connection of the car to the system \ recognition of the smart house of the car and the opening of the gate \ garage
  • remote control of the entire house and also the monitoring of objects
  • smart irrigation of plants
  • electronic keyless lock (fingerprints or code)

$ 5000

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