Multiroom. The New Sound of Your Home

We all strive for comfort, especially if it concerns our own, beloved home. Imagine a situation: you have a free day, you decided to arrange a family movie, you have chosen a film that everyone will like and then begins ... A long process of setting up the video and audio system, I want to arrange the correct lighting, set all the parameters so that I do not get distracted from viewing later. In front of you a few remotes and you, as an experienced keyboard player, take to perform solo on them for the desired settings. Tired? Then you will appreciate the features of Multiroom!

This system can "break" the house into several audio and video zones. Having adjusted the system in a certain way once, you can start the TV or monitor, the audio system, and lower the blinds at the touch of a button. You just have to get comfortable and enjoy the movie!

Let's say you needed to know what was happening in the nursery during the show. Switch the image and Multiroom will show what your children are watching right now.

In addition, the system is connected to CCTV cameras inside and outside the house, so that at any time you can see what happens in other rooms and on the street.

What is Multiroom?

Multiroom - is integrated into the "smart house" technology distribution of audio and video signals. All multimedia sources in the house are connected to a special device, which is the communicator of all zones where it is planned to output music and video images. Sources can be iPad, DVD, TV tuner and other devices.

What does Multiroom give?

  • Saving space. Now there is no need in every room to install bulky equipment. Signals from one point are broadcast to all rooms by special channels. In each connected room there is access to the central storage of all video and audio.
  • Saves time. No need to get up and go to another room to switch the TV channel there or turn down the volume of the music. You control the whole house with your remote control.
  • Saving money. One set of specialized equipment - instead of several for different rooms. This is a significant saving without sacrificing sound and video quality.

What the Multiroom consists of:

  • a matrix-type switch for receiving and transmitting signals;
  • remote control;
  • powerful acoustic amplifiers;
  • touch wall mounted control panels.

How does Multiroom work?

Operating alternately or simultaneously audio and video sources can be one or more. With the help of the sound control it is possible to simulate the volume level in one room and all at once. The control panel or portable touch screen allows you to control the system from anywhere in the house.

Do not interrupt the viewing of your favorite TV show, or break off the track in a half-word: if you need to quit, the system will automatically switch the sound and video to another room and play multimedia from the very moment you stopped.

Where else is Multiroom used?

Multiroom "goes beyond the house and will become an excellent assistant in business: in bars, restaurants, cafes, fitness centers, offices, shopping areas - Multiroom is well proven as a functional, reliable and convenient system of not only video and audio playback, but and improving the quality of video surveillance.

So, with the Multiroom system, comfort goes to a new level. Arrange in your home entertainment center. Pamper your family with cozy family movies. Monitor the safety of your home. With Multiroom technology, all this is now possible!