Important about Smart House

Even to the modern person, the technology "Smart House" still resembles a fantasy. Indeed, it is not yet easy for us to imagine a truly intelligent automated system capable of taking full control of the house. Meanwhile, to realize the idea of ​​smart houses began 30 years ago. And today "smart" systems are equipped with about 100,000 buildings for various purposes around the world. If you also decided to introduce this unique technology in your own home - we are at your service to answer all questions.

Where can I install the "Smart House"?
In any premises of residential, commercial or industrial use - from a small apartment to a shopping mall.

At what stage should I install the system?
The best way is during the construction phase of the house or during the repair. If the repair is already completed, the system can still be installed without disrupting the integrity of the walls: the radio modules are inserted neatly into the sockets, and all chandeliers, lamps, switches, security and surveillance systems can be integrated into the house after the repair is completed. It will be a bit expensive, but it's real.

Is it necessary to install the whole "Smart House" at once?
No. The system is modular and expandable. You can choose exactly the functions that you need and do not pay for other items. For example, during the construction phase, you can lay only the basic bus and the main functions, and add the equipment later, when you populate the house or apartment, based on your needs.

What does "Smart House" look like in the interior?
Visible elements of the system - touch panels, wireless switches and sockets - are made from a combination of high-quality plastic and natural materials: glass, metal, granite and wood. Thanks to this, they can be selected for the style of any interior. And the elegant touch panel RF Touch itself can become an ornament of your interior. All elements are easy to install in any convenient place, for example, in a closet, glass table or directly on a tile in the bathroom or kitchen.

Where to begin?
With consultations with managers of the "Smart Home" by phone, or in a specialized salon, where the system can be seen live. After the equipment is delivered to your home, the installation of the system can be carried out by the salon specialists, who will provide start-up and adjustment works and maintenance of the house during the operation of the system. Warranty and post-warranty service is provided.

Providing your home with an intelligent helper and bringing a new understanding of comfort to your life is not difficult at all. Entrust it to professionals!